How to Focus Your Energy at Work …

Having stress at work can ruin not just your day but also your career. You can lose your focus, and you can tank big projects or little projects. Getting into the zone while you are at work can be difficult too if you don’t have a system. Below, I’ve got some of the best tips and tricks to make sure that you are focusing your energy at work and that you are finding ways to stay energized and not stressed.

1. Act, Don’t React

When you are dealing with a part of your job that you don’t like or somebody that you aren’t a huge fan of, acting instead of reacting is going to be huge for you. Identify pieces of the situation that you can control and then let go of the aspects that you aren’t able to monitor. This will assist you with your energy and keep you focused.

2. Limit Interruptions

Interruptions are something that is going to happen at work. Just because someone interrupts what you don’t does mean that you need to drop everything. Instead, ask them to schedule some time with you or shut your office door (or if you are in a cube, put a sign up), so that way you can refocus your energy.

3. Schedule Your Day

Finally, living by a schedule is going to be hard. However, it is also going to be something that will refocus every bit of your energy. Whether it is planning a time to check your emails or you are keeping time in the morning to set up what your day looks like, this is a major step to refocus your energy.

Now that you have just a few tips and tricks that can help refocus your energy, what are some of the other steps that you’ve been doing? Share them!